Living in the Digital World

A brand New Book by Badrul Khan with Mays Nakashima


This book, Living In A Digital World, is being written to help people to understand the rapidly evolving effects of the world being increasingly digitized. The advancements and pervasiveness of the applications of digital technologies in all aspects of life have overwhelmed many and frightened others. Through this book and this accompanying website, we will share the latest thoughts on how to take advantage of the latest developments and how to reduce the associated risks which have are all being subjected to. How to we protect ourselves from the threats and how do we thrive by using the benefits.

Through interviews with experts, we will highlight the new developments in key areas of living in this digital world.

Our current study defines six major categories of the Digital World:

  •  eEducation e-learning, distance learning, Mass Open Online Courses (MOOC), Blended Learning
  • eCommerceDigital banking, online shopping, virtual currencies, stock markets
  •  eHealth — Telemedicine, eNursing, eMedicine
  • eGovernance — Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in government: Government-to-citizen (customer), government-to-employees, government-to-government and government-to-business.
  • eEntertainment — Social media, music and video streaming services,
  • eArgriculture — digital food cataloging systems,

This is a constantly evolving study so this information will need to be frequently updated. The input of many people will be needed to make this a success.

We need your input on what areas of of most concern to you. Where do you see emerging risks and where do you see potential opportunities?

What would you like to see in this book? Do you have any interesting stories about your life in the digital world?

Please email your concerns and comments to:

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